Although many small to medium-sized businesses turn to high street banks for finance, many are using alternative finance. (more…)

Bridging loans are short term loans, usually less than a year. (more…)

With a widening use of bridging loans, new lenders emerging and bridging products launched, bridging finance brokers need to keep up to date (more…)

A poll by Bridging & Commercial found that 36% of respondents believed the majority of bridging finance was funded by private money, and 38% thought that private money accounted for a minority of the funding. (more…)

Many investors are looking for low value commercial properties that can be refurbished for rental, for resale or converted to residential use. (more…)

One challenge most museums face is funding new acquisitions. Many high-quality pieces come onto the market each year that are suitable for museums, but they often cannot raise funds in time (more…)

Most lenders scrutinise the borrower’s finances to assess their financial status, which is an indication of their ability to repay a loan. Non-status bridging finance (more…)

The Scottish Government is offering bridging loans for farmers affected by severe weather conditions, (more…)

There are many uses for bridging loans, but one of the more unusual ones is to finance the takeover of a football company. (more…)

If a property has not been well looked after, it puts off many homebuyers because they don’t want to be bothered with paying for and organising the refurbishment work. This has (more…)