A recent survey asked brokers about their views on bridging lending. Nine out of ten of them said that they expected to increases the number of bridging loans they arrange.

Interest rates on bridging loans have dropped significantly over the last few months, but borrowers are still requesting lower rates. Almost half (48%) of brokers would like (more…)

Some lenders have reduced their interest rates on short-term and bridging loans. This is mainly because of increased competition between lenders. In the past few months, there have been many new financial organisations entering the short-term loan market. High street banks also want to increase their share of the bridging loan market.

Rates of 0.75% a month are possible for loans to purchase (more…)

One common complaint of homebuyers is the amount of time it takes for the conveyancing process to go through. Lawyers are examining how this could be sped up.

Many home buyers are dependent on (more…)