If a property has not been well looked after, it puts off many homebuyers because they don’t want to be bothered with paying for and organising the refurbishment work. This has (more…)

According to a July 2018 report in the Jerusalem Post, several property investors from Israel are using British bridging lenders to secure funds for property purchased in the (more…)

Bridging loans are often needed quickly. For someone using this to purchase a home, they may only have a short time to complete the purchase (more…)

A high demand from buyers and a lack of available homes have created what many are referring to as a ‘housing crisis’. The government is urging the property industry to provide more housing to (more…)

In the first quarter of 2018, there was a 22% increase in development bridging loans.

Members of the (more…)

As many mainstream banks restrict property loans, many investors are turning to bridging finance solutions.

As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, the banks have limited their exposure to property lending. European Union regulations have also placed lending limits on (more…)

Many investors use property auctions to purchase houses for rent. The benefits of auctions are that completion times are quick, there is no house buying chain and prices can be low. To successfully use auctions for property investing there are several things for you to consider before bidding.

Firstly, research must be done. You need to view the property and find out if (more…)

There are many disused rural properties that can be converted into much needed residential property, but many of these properties come with complex issues.

A recent example of (more…)

Bridging loans are flexible short-term loans that can be used for many purposes, and these are not confined to property-related deals. What many (more…)

A housing chain is where the person buying your house is dependent on selling their existing house. The worst case scenario, if you are involved in a (more…)