Knowledge Bank is a resource for brokers to find out which lenders will accept a client’s borrowing requirements. (more…)

Bridging finance can be a great way to provide emergency funds or for time-sensitive deals. Ideally, a bridging finance broker should build good long-term relationships with both borrowers and lenders. (more…)

Paresh Raja, CEO of Market Financial Solutions, writing on the website Global Banking and Finance Review, recently expressed the opinion that Brexit will not have a negative effect on the UK property market. (more…)

Most lenders scrutinise the borrower’s finances to assess their financial status, which is an indication of their ability to repay a loan. Non-status bridging finance (more…)

In some areas, there are more people looking to purchase a home than properties for sale. It can be time consuming to buy a home and this makes purchasing a home difficult for busy people, more so if they live outside the area. A buying agent finds a suitable home for homebuyers.

A buyer’s agent is like an estate agent that works for (more…)

The bridging finance market is subject to rapid change, with new lenders and new products regularly launched (more…)

The chief executive of the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) is the keynote speaker at a series of specialist finance forums (more…)

A report by Link Asset Services has revealed strong confidence levels among property lenders. The report found that 72% of lenders believe they will increase the number of new loans over the next year. Just 2% of lenders expect (more…)

Many homeowners faced with the need for extra living space would rather not move home. The solution could be to build upwards.

Planning regulations have been (more…)

Bridging finance, particularly for commercial property, can be complex and ideally requires a solicitor experienced in commercial bridging to do the legal work.

Harry Tuke, a partner at (more…)